Triple Zero Lanolin 35g

Triple Zero Lanolin is among the purest lanolin available.

Price: R260.00

Product Description

Lanolin cream can help soothe sore nipples when moms experience nipple pain due to breastfeeding. Triple Zero Lanolin tubes fits easily in diaper bags, pumping bags or handbag. It is safe for mom and baby and does not need to be wiped off before a feed. The Ameda Triple Zero lanolin is also a great cream for soothing diaper rash, moisturizing chapped lips, dry feet and skin and more. It can also be used to help stick the outer edges of a nipple shield in place while a baby feeds. This prevents the shield from curling back onto your baby's face. 

Available in a 35 gram tube.

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This nipple cream literally soothes and heals ANYTHING!!!! Not just nipples! Apply it on piles, a cold sore, broken skin, a pimple, dry chapped lips, cracked heels.... this nipple cream should be renamed: miracle cream!
In love with this nipple cream. Instant relief from sore nipples just after feeding!!!! Another reason why I love this product is because its 100% natural. And even if I just applied it, my baby still latches without noticing a different taste or smell. I am very satisfied. Being a first time mom, breastfeeding is a pleasure according to me!!!