My InBra Breastpump Double Pack

Treat yourself to not just one but 2 My InBra Breastpump. This is ideal for the mom on the go who wants to move around while pumping and not be stuck to her breast pump. The InBra Breast pump conveniently fits into your bra so that your hands are free while you pump. 

Price: R2400.00
(Valued at R2900)

Product Description

More about the My InBra Breastpump:

Pump with confidence with the New My Breastpump Wireless breast pump. This pump is easy to use and allows you to be hands-free while pumping. Place the pump inside your bra making sure that your nipple is in the center of the flange (size 24mm and insert 21mm). the control panel for the pump is on top and has a light for ease of use in the dark. Take advantage of the larger storage capacity 170ml. The battery of the pump takes 2.5 hours of charging and gives you 2 hours of pumping time, this means that you will be able to pump many times before needing to recharge the pump.


1. Capacity 170ml

2. Digital indicator, Physical buttons

3. Built-in 200m Ah Rechargeable Lithium battery

4. 2.5 hours fast charging, 120 minutes for pumping

5. Lithium battery, & AC adapter

6. Super slim size:15*12*5.7cm

7. Functions: Massage, Suck, 2 in 1 mode

8. Suction strength Max 280mmHG

9. BPA free material,

10. Backflow protection´╝î

11. Quiet

12. 12-month warranty

13. Flange size 24mm and 21mm insert

Included in the box:

1x My Wireless Breast Pump single

1x AC Adaptor

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