My Hands Free Cups-Closed System

The Hands Free Cups are an ideal solution for portable pumps. Use them with your Ameda Mya Joy and you have the perfect combination of comfort, quietness and comfort. 


Product Description

Experience freedom while pumping, you are able to pump- while driving, walking, working, exercising- anywhere!

The cups can be sterilised in a steam steriliser, and are closed-system collector cups, which means that the milk does not get into contact with tubing or the electrical components.

The Collectors have a natural, rounded shape, leaving those around you none the wiser that you are actually pumping. They are the only soft silicone flange cups on the market. Each set is made from a hard silicone outer shell, soft silicone inner shell / barrier (for greater comfort). 

The flange size is 28mm and comes with a free 24mm set of inserts.

Also available on order are 21mm and 17mm 

All components are made from BPA-free and PVC-free polyprop or Food Grade Silicone.

Compatible pumps:


Tommie Tipppee

Horigen/ BabyWombWorld


Medela: The pumps do come with a silicone Medela attachment, however, some Medela pumps use different attachments. The cups come with their own adaptors, should you wish to add that to yours.

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