CleanEase Microwave Bags

Super easy to use. You can steam your pumping kit parts within 5 minutes using the Ameda CleanEase. Each pack contains 7 units.

Price: R260.00

Product Description

Keep your breast milk parts safe and sanitized with the Ameda CleanEase Microwavable Steam Sanitizing Bags. In under 5 minutes, the CleanEase Steam Bag sanitizes breast pump kit parts such as flanges, flange adapters, diaphragms, and valves. 

CleanEase can also be used to sanitize nipple shields, breast shells, collection bottles, and lids. The steam bag's large steam vent allows for fast cooling and draining plus its Press N' Seal leak-proof zipper will help keep your counter mess-free. 

Made with Food Grade PET + RCPP, the superior Polypropylene CleanEase Steam Bag features three layers to keep the bag's form stable for up to 20 uses. 

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