Ameda Pearl Hospital Grade Breast Pump

The Ameda Pearl Hospital Grade Breast Pump is design to help mothers to increase their milk supply and maintain it. The Pearl is discreet and has a lithium battery that allows you to pump anywhere you need to. The Pearl is ideal for mothers that have been separated from their baby (NICU or work) as it can be used as an exclusive pump while protecting the mother milk supply.

What is the cost of breast pump hire?

Here is a breakdown of breast pump hire costs:

  • R950.00 Monthly Rental
  • R850.00 Sign up fee (including delivery)
  • You will receive your own Double Hygiene Kit that you keep.
    Note: Hygenikit has a NAPPI code which is claimable though medical aids! (scheme dependant)
  • Free delivery to addresses in South Africa

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Hire A Breast Pump

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What are the benefits of breast pump hire?

The breast pump we have for hire is a hospital grade breast pump called Pearl and it has the following benefits:

  • Can increase milk supply for moms with premature babies (medically researched).
  • Decreases the amount of time needed to pump.
  • Milk is safe for the baby because the pump is a closed system pump which prevents bacterial contamination of milk.
  • Load shedding proof as it has its own battery.
  • Whisper Quiet: Discreet pumping anywhere.
  • Fully customizable expression mode with 72 possible combinations of speed and suction settings.
  • Fits your budget if rental is for short period of time.

Is it safe?

Yes, as it uses the Ameda’s Universal HygieniKit™, the only FDA-cleared closed system pump kit proven to protect against contaminants like bacteria, viruses and mould growth This means that your milk can’t become contaminated with another users milk and that no bacteria can grow in the tubing or in the breast pump.

All rental pumps are sterilized in between usage.

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