About Us

My Breastpump is dedicated to providing mom and their families with breastfeeding support though education and quality breastfeeding products.

My breast pump stocks the Ameda brand of breast pumps because we believe that Ameda has the international experience and quality products that South African moms need. Ameda is also a WHO Code compliant company which means that they are invested in promoting, supporting and protecting breastfeeding. This is inline with what My Breastpump strives for as well.

Carey Haupt RD(SA) & SACLC

Hi, I am Carey

My story with breast feeding began while studying nutrition. I fell in love with the importance that breastfeeding not only is not only to a mother and child but also to the family and wider community.

I have 2 children, who for different reasons were born premature. This is where my true understanding of breastfeeding developed. My heart was broken because I was not allowed to hold my babies at first, so I did what I could to show them my love. I expressed day and night so that I could send my milk “love letters” to my children. Once my children were out of hospital I then needed to learn how to breastfeed a premature child and then later how to provide milk for my little ones while I was at work.