Why use a Breast lactation Massager?

How to treat Mastitis and blocked ducts
By Carey haupt
Created: 12 September, 2022

Management of mastitis

Breastfeeding is a skill that is learned by mothers and babies. One important aspect of this skill is to identify when there may be an issue so that it is resolved before it becomes painful or a problem. One of the preventable and very painful complications that can happen while breastfeeding is the development of a blocked duct which can result in mastitis. My Breastpump has a new product that can help mothers prevent the development of mastitis. This new product is called the “My Breast Lactation Massager”.

Mastitis is an inflamed or swollen area of the breast, that can be infected with bacteria. The infected breast may be red, hot, and feel hard. This can cause pain and tenderness. It normally only happens to one breast but it can happen to both breasts at the same time. A mother may feel tired, nauseous, or have a fever/ chills.

Common symptoms of mastitis include:

  • Breast tenderness or warmth to the touch
  • Breast swelling
  • Thickening of breast tissue, or a breast lump
  • Pain or a burning sensation continuously or while breast-feeding
  • Skin redness, often in a wedge-shaped pattern
  • Generally feeling ill
  • Fever of 38.3 C or greater

These symptoms can occur suddenly.


Mastitis can be caused by a few things.

1)Bacteria can enter the breast via a cracked or damaged nipple.

2)Pressure from a blocked duct or tight-fitting clothing. A blocked milk duct can also be caused by improper milk drainage. This happens when a baby is not able to empty a breast during a feed due to a shallow latch or if a pump is not powerful enough to drain the breast sufficiently.

4)Schedule feeds can also cause delay and improper milk drainage from the breast.

5)Stress and poor nutrition can also increase the risks for mastitis as well as smoking.


How to prevent getting mastitis


How can mastitis be treated?

Prevention and early identification are the best way to treat mastitis.

  • If you have nipples that are cracked, take extra care to wash your hands before a breastfeeding or pumping session.
  • Use the My Breast Lactation Massager to help you heat and gently massage the sensitive area.
  • Breastfeed or pump regularly, at least 8/24hour
  • Apply a cold compress after breastfeeding or pumping to help reduce swelling
  • Drink plenty of fluids and stay in bed with your baby. This will help you get the rest that you need for recovery.
  • If your symptoms are not resolved within 2-3 days and you are still feeling unwell please contact your doctor as you may need a course of antibiotics.


The My Breast Lactation Massager can be used in the shower or bath for more comfort while massaging. Use the massager inside your bra while you are busy with your baby. It has a 60 minute battery life and can be recharged when needed.


Apart from the pain and discomfort, mastitis that is not treated or is due to a blocked duct can cause a breast abscess. This is a collection of pus in the breast that may need to be surgically drained.

The benefits of the My Breast Lactation Massager are that it can help mothers to improve their milk flow and helps with a faster letdown. This can help to relieve engorgement and swelling during nursing, and pumping. It can assist with unblocking ducts by improving milk flow and improving the emptying of the breast. The massager gently and effectively breaks up blocked ducts with its 10 different vibration modes.

The high-quality soft food-grade liquid silicone material is for extra comfort and allows you to use the massager for as long as needed. The massager is able to heat up to 42⁰C, which is the correct temperature to help increase milk flow. This can help with engorgement or sensitive areas in your breast.

The unique design of the massager with the heated tip allows you to focus on where you would like to apply heat. It is small enough to fit inside your bra comfortably and can be used on any breast shape or size.  The massager can be used in any position on your breast. This allows you to reach any blockage.  

The My Breast Lactation Massager is a must for all breastfeeding women and a great baby shower gift. As it helps to make your nursing, breastfeeding, and pumping journey more comfortable and relaxing.


For more information and where to buy the My Breast Lactation Massager please see our website www.mybreastpump.co.za or Takealot.