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Elite hospital grade pump

If you have been separated from your baby or need some help with low supply consider hiring a Hospital grade breast pump.  Breast pump hire can help you get things started by increasing your milk supply. This is particularly important for mom’s who are separated from their baby. Research shows that the Ameda Elite has the ability to establish and maintain the milk supply of mothers whose babies remain hospitalised in the NICU. 

Why should I consider breast pump hire?

Mothers chose to hire pumps for different reason here are a few:

  • Baby is admitted into NICU & mom needs to build milk supply quickly.
  • Mom only needs a pump for a short time 1 – 6 months, however we find that you’ll love it so much you’ll want to invest in owning one!
  • Mom is going to go back to work and needs milk supply and at the same time save time. 

What are the benefits of breast pump hire?

The breast pump we have for hire is a hospital grade breast pump called Elite  and it has the following benefits:

  • Can increase milk supply for moms with premature babies (medically researched).
  • Decreases the amount of time needed to pump.
  • Milk is safe for the baby because the pump is a closed system pump which prevents bacterial contamination of milk.
  • Fits your budget if rental is for short period of time.

What is the cost of breast pump hire?

Here is a breakdown of  breast pump hire costs:

R  950.00   Monthly Rental  

R  850.00 Sign up fee 

You will receive your own Double Hygiene Kit that you keep.

Free delivery to addresses in South Africa

Is it safe?

Yes, Ameda is a closed system pump. That means that your milk is never exposed to the tubing or the mechanical parts of the breast pump.

This means that your milk can’t become contaminated with another users milk and that no bacteria can grown in the tubing or in the breast pump.

All rental pumps are sterilized in between usage.

What other people say….

I was fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed my first child from birth with no issues. The problems started when I needed to begin pumping and storing milk in preparation for returning to my job. I purchased a basic retail pump, which turned out to be quite useless and a waste of precious time and money. I contacted Carey and enquired about the hospital grade pump and she was incredibly helpful from the start. Soon after, the pump was delivered. A complete game changer. Quick, painless and even slightly quieter than the much smaller retail unit I had bought. I received great service from Carey and her team in answering any questions I had, organising payments, deliveries and collections and would recommend them to anyone in need.                      – Claudia

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