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Learn a little about us….Behind the scenes is Carey. I am first a mom, then a dietitian & lactation consultant. I had both my little ones in neonate ICU. I desperately wanted to breastfeed my babies and had a very bumpy start. I get it! Breastfeeding is amazing. Sometimes it’s hard but with support and the right equipment, it can be an incredible journey.

Carey Haupt RD(SA) & SACLC

Carey Haupt RD(SA) SACLC

Hi, I am Carey
My story with breast feeding began while studying nutrition. I fell in love with the importance that breastfeeding not only is not only to a mother and child but also to the family and wider community.
I have 2 children, who for different reasons were born premature. This is where my true understanding of breastfeeding developed. My heart was broken because I was not allowed to hold my babies at first, so I did what I could to show them my love. I expressed day and night so that I could send my milk “love letters” to my children. Once my children were out of hospital I then needed to learn how to breastfeed a premature child and then later how to provide milk for my little ones while I was at work.