Why choose an Ameda breast pump?

  • Your milk stays cleaner and you have fewer parts to clean.
  • Ameda is the only breast pump that has been cleared by the FDA.
  • Comfort fit allows you to choose parts to fit your body.
  • Custom control – pump the way you want.
  • Ameda has been setting industry benchmarks for 75 years.

Give your baby the breast start!

Ameda is the brand to choose when looking for an internationally acclaimed breast pump. This breast pump has more features that support better milk production.

Ameda breast pumps allow you to customise your breast pump so that it fits your body perfectly – there is no one size fits all here.

You can vary both the power and speed with you express your milk which can allow for more let down reflexes in a single session.

Greater comfort and variable settings mean that you can express more milk with ease.

What Tessa had to say about her Ameda breast pump

Successful at last

I first used the Ameda breast pump in 2015 after failed attempts with another brand. I breastfed and expressed my milk till my firstborn was 14 months. The pump was effective and with the support of a lactation consultant that sold me the pump, I was successful in expressing milk daily. I used the pump again for my second child and have subsequently loaned my pump to a friend who has also been successful. I was very happy with the pump and I would highly recommend the pump for lactating mother. It was reliable, comfortable and did the job perfectly.

Tessa, mom of 2.

Why do we love Ameda?

Ameda is not a brand known to South Africans.

But it  should be! Ameda is one of the longest running breast pump manufacturers. Innovation is at the centre of this brand as they continue to develop their breast pumps to make their products even better.

This is the only brand that gives the users a full scope of sizing of flanges as well as allowing you to pump the way you want with suction and speed being variables. This means that Ameda can be custom made to fit you and your style.We love the versatility and adaptability of this brand.

It is a quality product that is made in Belgium and adheres to the best international standards. In fact, Ameda has been setting the industry benchmarks since it began 75years ago.

The fact that Ameda is the only breast pump that has been cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the USA) makes it an obvious choice. The reason for the FDA judgement is that your breast milk never gets stuck in impossible to clean tubing. Your breast milk touches fewer machine parts – the fewer parts, the fewer opportunities for contamination.

Our experience has taught us that once you try Ameda, you realise what you’ve been missing and your breastfeeding becomes easier and most likely longer. Now that’s a win – win!